Motorcycles…and the amazing things you can transport with them



Burkina has tons of motos.  It was one of the first things that struck me when we moved here.  Motos everywhere.  In fact the plethora of motos on the roads here combined with seemingly little road rules scared me away from attempting to drive at all during our first 3 weeks here. Eventually I attempted driving and it wasn’t so bad.   But then last Friday a young guy on a moto drove right into the side of my car!  Fortunately, he did not even fall off his moto and was not hurt.  So now I am back to being pretty scared of driving.

For many people a moto is their only form of transportation.  This results in some pretty incredible and inventive ways to transport things on motos.    Regretfully I was not able to capture photos of these but here are some of the best transportation feats I have seen on motos here in Burkina:

  • Two men carrying two giant coolers
  • A man carrying a copy machine with another one strapped to the seat behind him (and I mean the large late 1990’s type model)
  • Bunches of chickens hanging from the mirrors
  • A man carrying a goat across his lap
  • A woman with a basket that had a pig inside
  • Two men with a bunch of metal poles about 20 feet long
  • And my all-time favorite-a man driving a motorcycle one handed while balancing a LOVESEAT on his head.


The agricultural development organization Barry is working with has lent him a moto to get around on.  It is a little burnt orange Yamaha with some serious vintage appeal.  Soren and Anya were delighted that their papa now has a moto (like all the other cool dads).  While it is no feat according to Burkina standards of moto usage we have managed to get Barry, Soren, myself, and three backpacks transported via the moto.

And another topic…how many motos can be transported by mini van.



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